When I first had Botox, I didn’t tell my husband because I knew he would freak out. I decided to have half a dose as a precaution,  just in case it did something to my face, like dropped my eye so I looked heavier in the forehead OR poisoned by brain. ALL my fears were running around like crazy, but the fear of having a whopping wrinkle in the middle of my eyebrows was greater.

The doctor was patient and my heart was pumping as I lay waiting for the needle, but it was quick and quite painless really. I left the clinic thinking ‘okay, just get through the next day…’

At 1am I wake up to a thumping headache, I got to the bathroom and I have a large dead spot in the middle of my eyebrows, right over my third eye.  I think ‘how unspiritual of me, so against my beliefs really’, but my vanity had been triumphant.

So here I am, with a dead kind of weird feeling between my eyes, thumping headache and my thoughts spinning out of control, moving further into fear and believing my brain was possibly being poisoned (you do hear some horror stories).

I panic and run back into the bedroom, turn on the light and loom over my husband as I call out for him to wake up. He sits bolt upright and says ‘what’s wrong?’, I start out with ‘so sorry I didn’t tell you’…. his face goes white and I can see he’s not sure what is going to come out of my mouth next. He is expecting the worst!

As I tell him my story of having Botox, his eyes glaze over, he falls back onto the bed and says, ‘oh my God, you’ll be fine go to bed and please don’t tell me again when you have it done because you know I think you don’t need it and it’s poison!’

Disappointed that he didn’t join me in my paranoia, but feeling better that I told him my big secret and that he didn’t seem to worry at all. However, his lack of compassion for my pain and weird dead spot on my face was disappointing.  So there I am, lying with myself until I fall to sleep, headache still there. *You weren’t allowed any pain killers as it works against the Botox and of course, I didn’t want to mix drugs. Lol.

I wake up in the morning and to my surprise I am overjoyed at the softened wrinkle on my face. ‘Oh’, I think ‘this is great, headache still there – but wrinkle going!’.

Later that afternoon, the wrinkle is gone, but the deadness is spreading and I begin to panic again thinking ‘when does it stop’.

Imagining my eyes not working soon or something even more devastating.  However, eventually it did stop and for the next 6 months I enjoyed a wrinkle-free forehead.

I wanted to do it again, but  thought about the poison being injected into my face and taking the life from it, it can’t be good.  I kept thinking I want life in my face as I get older.

Searching for options, I try acupuncture, mixed with laser treatment that stimulates collagen, and I LOVED it!  You have to go more often but I love that it’s actually good for you. This new combination is healthy on all the organs, I feel great and it works.  This combination is GREAT.  Does it work as well as Botox? Probably not to the same extent (it doesn’t last as long), but for now, I’ll stick with the acupuncture.

It’s no surprise that we are seeing a sharp increase of Botox and plastic surgery year on year – with the Botox market expected to reach $2.9bn globally in 2018. We forget it’s only 12 years old, and still evolving.

It’s driving the ‘agelessness’ trend – with some women today getting “preventative” Botox injections, even before the lines start to appear. But the more you get, some women are finding, the older you look. Take Lindsay Lohan as an example.

Even for our young girls. In a recent survey, alarmingly…

25% of girls aged 11-18 said they would like to have plastic surgery. It’s a trend being driven by the ‘Kardashian effect’ and rise of a selfie generation.

Which leads us to the conversation, what is our role in mentoring these young girls and setting a good example?

So, TO BOTOX OR NOT TO BOTOX? Well for the moment I don’t and I’m still vain enough to worry about the lines on my face, but you know, that’s okay, at least I’m helping all other important bits of my body.

Love to know what you use as an alternative to Botox or Acupuncture, just leave a reply or let us know on our Facebook Page

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