Everyone understands the word ‘branding’ now, it’s so part of our culture, the integration of brand and lifestyle blends naturally in so many ways. Social media has broken down the walls between both brand and consumer, making both as important as one another. The power in acknowledged likability and engagement, there’s no hiding. The transparency of advertising has been refreshing, yet disturbing, it’s opened up another pandora’s box and we scramble to see what it all means. So what does it mean?

My own passion for freedom to be ‘me’, has set the tone as I journey towards my north star.  The train has indeed left the station and my destination is definitive, yet unknown, that distant star that shines true and bright. As I lean my head out of the window with an excited heart and a fearful mind, I watch the ever changing landscape clatter past me in a fast, yet consistent pace.  I am sure this is how most of us feel now, we have ventured far enough to see that we want to live a life we love but how do we define ourselves in a way that suits our true calling, when the pace is too fast to latch on to any one thing.

Of course it makes sense that you would never try to grab something outside a moving vehicle, it would be painful and dangerous, it’s like that in our own lives. If we keep all parts of ourselves inside the carriage and utilise only what we have and know, we will soon learn we have everything we need to live a life we love.

My own journey of spiritual development along with branding and media, never seem to fit, until one day I sat in my train carriage and looked at what I had, what I loved to do and what I knew well and then I realised I had everything I needed to make my journey a happy and successful one.  You see the idea of branding originated from the native americans, when they speak about their brand, they talk about their totem. A totem represents the essence of the person, their power and spiritual life-force. It appears I have been learning about branding from a young child. My media and branding work have always been about bringing out the essence of the person or story of the brand in the most authentic way and my spiritual development was just taking that intention to a much deeper level.

Today, the only way to truly cut through the noise is to deliver something that brings the customer or consumer to you. Speaking to someone who is on the same train, who is easily and readily available to hear and see your unique offering or service. It will also make more sense to them because you are heading in the same direction and have the same values. In order to do this, you must start with understanding the true essence of YOU and be able to shape and define yourself from a place of power, understanding and acceptance, not from a place of force, lack or fear.

This realisation has led me to work with people on a deeper level before they externally express themselves to the world.  So what happened?

Since I was 15, I’ve been doing readings for my family and friends AND myself – it’s always been a very natural fun way to spend an afternoon with a coffee or tea and discover what’s happening in their life. Over the last 10 years I work with crystals and crystal cards.

Last month, a beauty editor was doing a story on crystals and I sell crystals on my site (mrsvinc.com) and she had seen them and wanted to interview me about it all, in that moment I said:

“If you want a crystal reading, I’m happy to do one as well”. I then realised I’d offered a reading to someone I didn’t know and wondered why, then nervously trusted the response.

I did the session and it was so powerful and so transformative for her, I suddenly realised that this is something I should also offer to others.  I have then gone on to do a lot more with similar profound results, so wonderful to make a difference to others.

When you create something for someone, whether it’s a video, a website or logo, if they are unsettled in their own life on any level, the work will not give the results they want, so this is what I want to do with people who are looking to resolve an issues or gain greater clarity on their life purpose. This guidance will also dissolve blocks and give direction on how to move forward.

Having seen a lot of psychics and healers, too many to count, the only thing I would’ve loved, was practical things to do to keep this realisation or discovery that emerged from the session going AND that is what I do and believe it’s an important part of a process for people to have – practical tools and instructions. 

It’s so important you have the tools to keep the shift opening and moving and I have found a way to do that through the session. It’s an exciting step to realise that I’m now going to be offering something I’ve been doing for years but not realising I could make it part of my business – the very thing I teach people in branding workshops has happened to me! Love it! I now realise this is needed for people to receive a balanced foundation so they can take that exciting step on their journey and be seen in the world.

If you would like to have healing reading session (calling them ‘Shift Readings’) you can book HERE.

I’m excited always to do what I love and to bring this deeper understanding to others in order to have a positive change in their life. I look forward to seeing some of you or friends of yours for a session soon 🙂

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