Mrs V can create websites for businesses, product offerings, blogs and simple one pagers (online resume's).

Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand, yes it’s true. You may work for a business but you still have your own unique brand. Many aspects of yourself make up your personal brand, it’s called your USP ‘Unique Selling Proposition’.  It’s much more than the clothes you wear, it’s the very foundation in which you base your decisions in your career and how you move forward with confidence. Mrs V offers one on one personal brand SHIFT CONSULTATIONS to help you uncover your personal brand, your strengths that are often hidden and become our gold. Mrs V Shift Consultations are about shifting you towards the confident BEST you.

“Scarlett took the time to understand who I am and to say that i thoroughly enjoyed the process is a massive understatement. Scarlett is extremely passionate about her work and a way of putting you at ease whilst helping to create, shape and define your brand. she has been a very positive influence on my journey and reminded me to believe in myself. Thank you Scarlett!”



“Scarlett is truly gifted in the area of personal and business branding, she has an innate ability to discover the essence of the brand, establish the target market and create a beautiful solution that stands out. She delivered on all her promises and when you discover her many creative talents, the more extraordinary the result for your brand”



“When I saw Mrs V for an energy healing I was feeling exhausted and off-kilter. The treatment instantly lifted my mood and I left with a very empowering, crystal-clear plan-of-action to improve my situation. This new found hopefulness was more than enough for me – I certainly wasn’t expecting my “luck” to literally change before my eyes in the days that followed. Twenty-four hours after the session, I received an unexpected apology and I was able to wholly forgive and let go.

Thank you for everything you are amazing!”



“Thank you scarlett for my beautiful crystal readings (I call it a healing actually). your warmth and your gifted intuitive insight helped me to define my direction and ignited trust and belief in self and my path. I walked away with new excitement and understanding with where I am at, also with constructive tools, gorgeous crystals for support and your wise insightful gold nuggets. I feel uplifted with fresh hope and clarity as I continue my life journey!”