Hi, my name is Scarlett Vespa (Mrs V) ‘The Social Shifter’. I enable people to change for their wellbeing, career and their social community.

I have been directing and guiding people for years in media through my consultations, events and workshops. I am passionate about creating authentic digital media (TV Ads and online videos for individuals and organisations) through Video Shift Productions and helping people define and empower their Personal or Business brand.  I am fierce about bringing equality and positive social shifts in media and organisations. I believe change starts with us as individuals & thus community changes. #TheSocialShifter #MakeaVShift #ConfidenceAtAnyAge. 


I love helping people express who they are in the world is a passion and what I know to be true, is that if people aren’t sure of who they are, this will reflect in their external expression. True branding is about finding your totem, the essence of you and using that to bring clarity and confidence to move forward to success. Personal development and spirituality is as important as eating and exercising, without nurturing your mind and spirit, then everything else will suffer. My directive and my purpose is to bring about a positive shift in the lives of everyone I meet, whether it is through my events, workshops or digital content, I will uncover the answer within you to bring your dreams to life.


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