All of us have a Mother figure, or sometimes even two!  The 14th of May is a special day to take the time to mindfully pause and connect with the gratitude you have for your Mother, and then to express your appreciation out loud.

Mothers can be many different things, they can be your biological mother, a step mother and a sister. Mothers can also be found in friends, an Aunty or a cousin. Mothers can also be Men! (Mummy Men or Mummy Dads) Your Mother may still be here in your life, or she may have passed.

Who in your life has provided a loving caring and supportive role to you? It may not be who you think it is. Mothers are often thoughtful and caring of your needs, they try to relieve you of your pain or simply offer a compassionate ear to listen or provide a nice warm hug.  Mother figures are a safe place to return to when difficult things happen in life, when you are a baby, a child and when you are a fully grown adult. The role of a Mother does not end when you turn 18, in fact a Mother’s role is so expansive that you may find yourself needing your Mother figure in different ways as you navigate through your adult life.  She will help you adjust to changes in your life, like a gentle loving guide.

For some of us, Mothers Day is a painful and difficult day. Some people have not experienced this type of love and care from their Mothers, and some relationships with Mothers can be challenging and even damaging. If this is your experience, may I ask you with compassion, to be curious about other Mother figures that you have met in your life along the way. Perhaps a friend has at times provided you with Motherly love, or someone at work has become a Motherly mentor and supported you, perhaps a sister or even a neighbour has offered you Motherly love. Or perhaps you have offered yourself Motherly love, care and support.

Whoever this person is to you, Mothers Day has a wonderful intention. To express heartfelt thanks and appreciation in a way that matters most to your Mother Figure. It is a day to honour and celebrate the Mother or Mothers in your life that have helped you become you.

Things to think about for Mothers Appreciation Day

  • Your Mother figure may not be your biological Mother, she could be anyone around you that has provided a loving and nurturing role to you. Take time to reflect on who this may be in your life, past and present.
  • Think about what would make this person feel special? What would make them feel acknowledged and loved?
  • What are things you would like to say to this person? And say it with love xx
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