MONEY + RECEPTIVITY | Masterclass Series Webinar with Juliet Lever

MONEY + RECEPTIVITY | Masterclass Series Webinar with Juliet Lever



Guest Panelist:  Juliet Lever | Relaunch My Life –



– Do you feel worried, blocked or closed when you think about money?
– Are you constantly undervaluing your time and energy?
– Do you need to UPGRADE your thoughts about the role money plays in your life?
– Do you know the power you hold when you OPEN to receive in all ways?


Juliet Lever, has been working as a life coach and retreat facilitator for over 4 years. Since personally redesigning her own life from a passionless life working in a corporate executive role in finance, Juliet is now passionate about inspiring women to radically change (and relaunch!) any areas of life that are holding them back.  Hosting her Podcast ‘Relaunch My Life Radio’, working with hundreds of women around the world and recently publishing her best-selling book ‘Relaunch My Life’ Juliet has a deep understanding of how you can change ANY aspect of your life. 
In this masterclass Juliet shares her perspective on money and how we can all unblock our old money stories and open to more abundance in our lives.
The 4 things people will get out of it (will put this on final video that sits on site):


– Learn the number one reason we don’t ATTRACT more money and abundance in life
– Discover a way that you can uncover your old money story and write a new one TODAY
– Experience what power you can step into when you align to your TRUE worth
– Find out Juliet’s process of creating more security and confidence about MONEY


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