We all aim to raise the perfect mini me’s with high values and a likability we are proud of. They are a blank canvas for us to paint, so to speak. What does our canvas look like? They will be a reflection of us.

Kids on Coast printed this interesting article on awareness – here are some notes I made on it…

How are you tracking as a role model?

“Do you want to raise a child who cares about the world around them?

Here are a few tips for starting small with the little people in your life. It all starts here:


Focus on values: Think about the values you believe are necessary for a person that cares about the world about them. They might include kindness, empathy, compassion, respect  and acceptance of differences. Focus on helping your child learn and develop those behaviours that utilise those values. This will help your little one in good stead for a future of helping others and the environment.


You’re on centre stage: Our children learn from the behaviours we role model.

If you want your child to display positive values, then the best way to encourage them is to do these things yourself. Lookout for opportunities to point out the positive behaviours and be open to discussion.


Stick close to home: Your little one might get the most benefit from helping with something they can see the impact of, such as a working bee at kindergarten or planting trees at the local park as part of an environment project.

…big things grow, as children grow older, so does their world. Your child will become aware of the bigger issues and inquire as to how they can make a difference”.


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