I love the photo above, it just reminds of all the my amazing girlfriends and how they have led me through the highs and the lows, coming out the other side feeling loved and protected. Women are different to men and I believe that the bond with girlfriends is unique. So today, what are we celebrating – everything about being a woman!  The fact that we are carving out our place in the world more and more, the times are a changing and for that I’m grateful.

I have been nervous about what has been happening on the other side of the world, but I have faith that evolution will do it’s thing and hopefully soon.  I do have faith when I see the amazing positive change women are creating in so many areas, especially in our social services. Women are the majority leading these organisations , their leadership and commitment to addressing social and humanitarian concerns has paved the way to raise awareness to woman’s issues such as gender equality and leadership opportunities across many industries. Domestic Violence as a social challenge is being addressed by our female community in diverse ways,  giving a voice finally to women who suffer in silence.

Stories of courage in our history and none other than the inspiring women who started Women’s International Day in the Soviet Union in 1910, women marching against sexual discrimination at work, the right to vote and hold public office. Every woman holds a story of bravery and today is the day to honour and celebrate womanhood.  As I reflect on mine, I thought of all the things I’m grateful for and proud of, I luckily have no regrets, well one actually but that’s another story and one I will share with you.

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I know I am grateful for all the experiences I’ve had, good and bad (although the bad never seems so at the time) but they did re-direct me to a place that was worthwhile – there’s always a learning and a reason for everything! If you can’t find it, you’re not meant to. The good parts are more precious now because as I get older, I feel more in touch with the world and myself but at the same time more vulnerable.  I know Brene Brown (Dr of Philosophy in Social Work, Author and International Speaker) would certainly talk about the benefits of vulnerability, and while you’re in it, it doesn’t feel so great. After you hit the BIG 40 (which is not nearly as big as the ’50!’), everything starts to feel more precious as you realise your mortality.  Close friends passing and death is accepted as a kind of normal, and yet still unsettling.  In that place of contemplation, I find myself grateful for all the experiences in my life and how grateful I am to have explored who I am as a woman. I love being a woman! Girlfriends are the best and I can’t imagine not having the parts of womanhood I adore, my body, my softness, my strength (especially as a mother) and speaking of motherhood, it’s such a vital part of being a women, even if you don’t have children, you still innately understand what your body is capable of. In fact after the birth of my son, I was contemplating for the first time changing from being a producer to a director (a female one as well – I was the first 3 in Australia).  I remember thinking to myself, if I can create a baby, then I’m creative enough to be a director!

Motherhood is a such a big topic and having the experience of growing a human inside your body and then nurturing that little one is absolutely priceless. Women have so many hats they need to wear and I can honestly say I’ve worn them all.

I’m proud of my son and my motherhood experience – I think this is an emotion a mother feels with all of her heart. To bring a person into the world that is able to look after themselves in a happy and healthy manner – big tick.  Although, I’ll never stop feeling guilty and not about anything specific, it’s an underlying guilt that I believe you give birth too (isn’t it so true though!)

I’m also proud that I’ve never given up. I’ve always followed my heart and it’s had it’s challenges but when I get knocked down, I get straight back up. Now being over fifty, the getting up is a bit harder but it’s different, my understanding of what is easy and hard has changed. I’m proud of my creations, my drawings, the work I do for clients, the love I give to my friends and people I don’t even know very well. Yes, I’m proud that I am still capable to keep going no matter what the challenges may be, I guess a lot of this comes from my mother’s half glass full attitude.

So what is my one regret?  If I look back at every year of my life, it’s the way I’ve allowed myself to be bullied by me. The inner critic who is always hard at work and who I’m constantly listening to.  The voice is not nearly as impactful as it was when I was young, but it stills speaks to me.  However, I am able to see it from the understanding that it’s only the voice, it’s not true. When you stand back and observe, rather than react, the voice, the situation, the challenge doesn’t seem so threatening or as real, that’s where my meditation and spiritual work has been the most important support and guidance during my life.  For me regrets are a waste of time, every challenge has a silver lining, most of the time it leads you to higher water, even though you may feel like you are drowning! So I see life as a series of experiences and as we travel we learn to walk the road using different tools that help us learn about ourselves.  Our strength as women is truly to be marvelled at, it’s often invisible to most, but shows us in everyday life.


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