If you find yourself single today, after the break-up of your relationship or marriage, please believe me when I say ‘Everything does happen for a reason.’  One day this will truly all make sense.

For now, getting out of bed each morning is your main goal and focus, and once up you need to celebrate this win.  YES, celebrate every small amazing feat you accomplish, while your heart is broken into a million pieces as sharp as icicles.  On this day of lovers, being single can SUCK, particularly if you were not expecting to be single today.  Being surrounded by dewy eyed love-struck couples, is hard.

My advice is to treat yourself.   Go and do something that will make your heart sing, if only for a minute. I climb out of my dark moods by laughter.  This morning I was thrown a left field clanger that destroyed my buoyant upbeat mood.  Before I let it affect my entire day, I decided a hit of comedy was what I needed, so I parked my car on my way to an appointment, and on my I-phone I watched a Melissa McCarthy You Tube comedy skit, and abracadabra I was set for the day.   I was untouchable, once I had wiped the tears of laughter from my face.

A few ideas to help uplift your spirits today: –

  • Buy yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers, with perfume that transports you to your favourite place in the world, wherever that may be?
  • Buy the tiniest bottle of favourite perfume, and wear it tonight, in bed alone, as you know it makes you feel womanly and god damn sexy!

Or if money is tight:-

  • Walk along the beach.
  • Enjoy a swim in the ocean.
  • Lay on the sand on a beach, or on the grass in the nearest park, breathing in the fresh air.
  • Where ever you are, most importantly be Grateful for all you have.
  • Or as I do Watch your favourite funny movie. NO love stories tonight, strictly comedy or nothing!

Break-ups hurt.   Keep going every single day, and place one foot in front of the other and know that you have got this! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Megan Holgate

Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coach.

I created my business, following a 25 career years within the financial markets of London, Hong Kong & Sydney. My Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coaching, evolved over a very long period of helping friends, colleagues and clients through Divorce. My Divorce from my Investmetn Banker Husband, whilst living in Hong Kong as expats, was sudden, unexpected and extremely cruel. Overnight I lost my marriage, my home, my career and my friends and support network, and was left to raise our much planned for 8-week old daughter. I have written a book which is currently with an Australian Publisher. I specialise in recovery from Narcissist’s, as there is an epidemic of women, not only facing Divorce, but with partner’s being a Narcissist, the road ahead is not the fair, reasonable road that many would expect to navigate. I have walked this path and am the voice to help women ensure they remain calm and focused only on what matters, and that is their future, and the future of their children.

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