My journey to finding my voice started when I was 1 or 2! The communication between our parents and all those in our life is through our voice. The first words you utter to connect with those you love. However, we also know that communication is happening all the time, even without words, it’s in our eyes, our body language, our actions and as I delve more deeply, I believe it’s energetic.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t feel I found my authentic voice until a few years ago. I perhaps always showed confidence, but it was from a place that went only so deep. My natural state of being self-aware started from an early age, it always led me to ask the questions about why we are here and what is the point of existence – very deep for one so young and seemingly shallow, but my verve for life was always mistaken for being superficial or unintelligent. To find the heart of the matter, to explore what it means to be human, to be you, but sometimes we only have certain tools available to us through our lives and it doesn’t make us wrong, it just means it’s where we are at. So my voice has always been authentic, but I found richness and depth through experience and delving into self-exploration that changed it to feel internally confident, not just confident to the outside world.

So much slips by you when you are younger, not absorbing all that is happening around you and not seeing the truth about situations. I remember covering up my friends strangle marks on her neck, made by the man she was still married too. Did I have a voice then? No, because I didn’t have the maturity or understanding of what it meant. I was certainly in my own illusion of it didn’t matter if men treated you badly, it was normal – well for me.

My voice has been ever present though, in helping myself and others find the truth and tools to live a happy life. Sometimes I’ve not liked what I’ve found, but I take comfort in the process of personal development. It’s always better to know, than stay ignorant, life will find a way of teaching you whether you like it or not, some just choose to stay a victim.

In today’s Newsletter, I spoke about connection and one of my most precious connections are my dearest friends.

I wanted to introduce you to that woman who’s strangle marks I covered up – Vivian McGrath.

Her journey is courageous and she learnt very quickly to find her voice, in her early 20’s she got away from her then husband and abuser and married a man that she has been with for over 25 years, and remains blissfully happily married to this day.

On the day she left him, I helped her escape with her baby and I’ll never forget the determination and resolution she wore in every cell of her body as we shuffled her life in the car. She then forged on to be one of the most respected documentary producers and directors in the UK and around the world and now, has started her site in anticipation of her new book ‘Unbeatable’. She will be sharing her own tips and understanding of how to leave an abusive relationship, plus sharing her rich knowledge about life. Viv has always shown strength and confidence no matter what life has thrown at her and I’m so honoured to have her as my friend.

Here is Vivian’s website, please get in contact if you have any questions for her and stay tuned for more to come. Here’s to ‘Being Unbeatable’.

Domestic violence is something we all want to see stopped and I’m also grateful for brave work from our one of our other Influencer’s, Kay Schubach, who now is supporting the cause at the Heart Foundation.


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