So you want to live a life you love? AND you don’t believe you can do it, right?

I totally understand because I’ve been there many times.  In fact you wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t had the fears and doubts that come with wanting to make a change for the better.

How often have I heard people tell me that when they started following their dream everything fell apart.  Well, sorry it often happens BUT it’s mostly short-lived.  I liken it to a de-tox, when you get rid of the bad things in your life, like a bad relationship, job or house, then things start to feel uncomfortable.  There is pain, emotional and sometimes physical, with an almost drowning sensation as you let go of the stuff that has been bad for you, your cells get cleaner and your vibration actually raises they say.

You do come out of it, with a refreshed and often more energetic resolve, feeling lighter and more inspired.

So let’s start with the 3 steps to get things moving.


So the first step I often advise is to get clear on what you want.  Keep out of the ‘How am I going to get that?’, in other words stay away from the ‘how’s’ and stick to the ‘want’s’.  A great way is to take money out of the equation and ask yourself what would you do if you had all the money in the world.


The second step is often hard because Step 1 is still looming over you and sometimes you can’t get past Step 1, so Step 2 is about letting go of Step 1.  We get stuck in the ‘I’m not sure as I want to do a lot of things and what if I don’t like it and on it goes’.  So acknowledge all your passions and dreams.  Think about what would be just ONE thing you could do to feel like you are heading in a direction that ‘feels’ better.  It only takes a tiny step to shift the inertia of your life, so don’t underestimate this step. Everything is energy remember and one small shift can open up a river of change for the better.


Make some general goals that head to something you want.  BUT acknowledge to yourself and to your loved ones that from now on things are going to change constantly and that is okay by you.  This is called evolution, growth, change, being alive, it’s a new space for most who have been living perhaps in one job or in one kind of thinking, but this change is all part of opening yourself up to this new chapter.

The most important thing for me during my journey of constant change was to go with the flow. As soon as I let go of trying to make things go the way I thought they SHOULD go to get to my goal, then things flowed better.  The cosmic climate at present, when speaking to all the people ‘in the know’ is about a great change happening over the next 2 years, I can certainly feel it (WATCH this revealing interview and panel I did with a psychic, astrologer and intuitive, about what’s happening).  This period is even more challenging for most because as a culture and as a planet we are wanting a healthier change – so hold on for the ride.  I will say, that my life is a roller coaster, but I wouldn’t have it any other way to live a life I love.

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