Calling all AGEIST’s! Change this way…

Calling all AGEIST’s! Change this way…

Because this is 2017 and anything is possible. 

I truly can’t believe it’s already July and so much has happened over the last few months. Thankfully there seems to be quite a groundswell of 40+ female empowerment – and it’s about time I say.

I am envisioning a world whereby more empathy, inclusion and acceptance blossoms into the hearts of millions all over the world. Feminism is a word that feels hard to me, but has been necessary to bring justice to many, and empowerment and freedom to the vulnerable. I am mother to a 25-year-old son and I’ve always wanted him to feel like he knows his place in the world, that he understands and practices the balance of respect and empathy with women and importantly to himself.

As I set sail on my journey towards making a shift in the world for the better, I am constantly searching for insights and understanding on how I can possibly make a difference. I admit that my thoughts have taken me down tracks of ‘who am I to affect a greater change’ and ‘how can one person make a difference’? I soon discovered that in fact, it is ONLY the individual that can affect change.

My passion for positive change has been with me since I was young! I’ve always been wanting to help and fix others (notice fix), which I only learnt 10 years ago that you can’t ‘fix’ anyone, you can only fix yourself. I now know that when someone ASKS me for help, it’s a completely different energy to telling someone what’s wrong with them. After all, only the person knows the truth about something – the advisor or guide is always just a tool to reflect what they need to know.

So how can you change the world? Well it’s one person at a time and it starts with ‘you’.

I worked out the cycle of change and in my own way to explain and it looks like this…

We have THE INDIVIDUAL, which creates ORGANISATIONS, then organisations affect the INDIVIDUAL, then that impacts MEDIA and THE ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT, which in turn impacts the INDIVIDUAL and around we go.  You see we are always part of the change.

A great thing is to be mindful of ALWAYS. I know that brings the understanding that we are therefore RESPONSIBLE for how the world is and we therefore have the power.

My own passion to bring about social change is to always start with the self. How are you taking responsibility in your own life, how are you taking care of yourself and how are you helping the community. Let’s break this down a bit…

Being responsible is such a freedom, because you get to take your power back and that means you have a choice – how you respond to others and situations is up to you.

Taking care of yourself – Nurturing the self is not selfish, it is the basic requirement to be human. When you are okay, you are in a better position to live your life in a fulfilled meaningful way, to be a strong and supportive mentor and teacher to your own family, colleagues and community.

Community – Supporting community is not about taking up a role at a charity (although that is awesome), it’s about understanding your impact and role in the community. That is about being a great role model to others, setting good examples and to take care of your neighbour when you can.

Evolution has proven that when you take care of each other as a tribe, you will survive longer.

Final point:  It only takes ONE change to make a shift, does it sound too easy? Yes and no. You will intuitively know the one thing you need to do to change things in your life. It may be to mediate for 5 minutes a day, give up bread, stop answering your ex’s phone calls, saying no to jobs you don’t want to do but do because you need the money. Choose something simple and be consistent – try it and watch the magic happen. This is why this event to me is so exciting for everyone, there will be magic on the day because we’ve all made one change, we are committing to starting a conversation about celebrating life and ageing is part of life.

The Mrs V Shift Event being held 7th September is my first step to start this conversation, to celebrate that women (and men) over 40 can be the mentors to our younger generation. If we embrace our wisdoms, our life experience with confidence and strength, then we can pave the way for them to feel the same about their own life and also about all people over 40. Let’s be PRO-AGE by being PRO-LIFE.

Looking forward to building this social impact initiative and love you to be on the journey with me to a meaningful and inspiring life.

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