Submit an Article

Every Member can submit an article for consideration to be posted on #MAKEAVSHIFT – Mrs V reserves the right to curate, but is grateful and welcoming to see expert advice.  I’m sure you understand it has to be in alignment with the values of Mrs V Society and one big one is the quality of information.

We also want to hear your SHIFT STORY, what was the most important shift in your life and why.

Your expert advice article has to be put under one of the dropdown categories or tags, so make sure you pick one of each.

The main thing is to inform and inspire and at the end of your article, leave our readers with a summary of your message if possible and if appropriate include 1 to 3 tips (people love bite size information).

As an Expert, your posts are automatically selected but all articles are still submitted for approval. If it is not accepted, it may also be because it doesn’t fit in with the thinking or style of Mrs V and she reserves the right to make that final decision as it’s all under the Mrs V Brand.

All material must be original as well, google doesn’t like copies and also you don’t want that for your own profile.  Mrs V’s aim is to help others and importantly showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Keep the words between 250 and 800. The photos MUST be yours to post (need photographer and/or source acknowledgement) and if you don’t have an image to submit with your article, don’t worry, we love to source good ones (you can search Pexels / free resource). The quality of the photo is MOST important, so again if it’s not suitable we’ll let you know. Images to be at least 960px by 540px.

Have fun and we look forward to reading your wisdoms!

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