Having grown up in Film and TV, drama was a natural state, on screen and off – yes my book would be interesting… Eight years after working in that area, I found myself in advertising, much better pay and less hours PLUS an interesting change of energy.

Feature films for example, create a world removed from any other, World War III could’ve happened and you’d never know because of this bubble you are in. It was exciting, but eight years went by in the blink of an eye, so I had some re-evaluating to do, it was time to find a new life.

I fell into advertising and it was great because it dipped into film making and into business, I liked the fusion of areas. My next fusion was production and creativity – becoming a Ad Director – but that’s another story.  

Watching drama being made all around me (literally), I wondered why we had so much invested in it. As a teenager, when I thought about peace, I thought ‘boring’ and now when I think about peace I think ‘if only’. How our priorities change I thought, but do they? Do we all want a peaceful, no drama, easy life?

Exploring the nature of being human, are we all actually addicted to drama? I believe the answer is yes!

The only thing you need to do is ask yourself, HOW do you take yours…

I can hear you thinking ‘no I don’t like drama and I work really hard at keeping it balanced’ OR you love knowing that you are addicted to it and are thinking ‘yes, there’s always drama in my life and you wouldn’t have it any other way!’  Whatever way you take it, there is a reason we thrive on it.

Human beings are wired for diversity and one of the reasons I know that this is true (apart from my research) is that we are story tellers. We love a good story and we’ve been telling them since the dawn of time itself, in drawings, in writings and any way we can express ourselves.  Our stories aren’t, “I went to the shop and the weather was nice”, no our stories are about courage, loss, triumph, pain, joy and great sadness – our diversity and challenges keep us learning about our own incredible capabilities. Storytelling takes a person through an experience whereby we ‘feel’ and empathise with the hero’s human vulnerabilities and strengths and this is shown through drama!  Drama can also mean that we dramatise a challenge into something bigger than it is and so what that means is that person REALLY likes to explore and evolve every emotion and detail of a circumstance and yes, whether good or bad, that’s what they do. How you, as the reader responds, is up to you.

Why do you think humans LOVE to watch movies that cater to the very dramatic horror movie to the love struck couple, who fall apart only to reunite or not…

Circumstances that are unexpected, that challenge us in every way, is part of being human. It’s how we manage the drama that has occurred is the question, has it taught us something good and made us hopeful or made us angry and taken away our hope?  As the reader of this story, even your own, the response is your choice.  I believe that we want the diversity but not the drama that comes with change, if only we embraced our own story with the colour and vivid expression it can hold and shine out for others to be inspired by.

As I reflect on these words, I often think of times where I’ve not seen the learning or reason and I believe that whatever occurred was re-routing me for another opportunity or learning that I haven’t seen yet OR may never see. Understanding everything in the mind can often stop the wisdom of the heart.

I like to think of my life story like I’m listening to a song. When you listen to a song, you listen to the song, not to get to the end of it, but to embrace and experience all the colours and emotions it leads you through. So I will write for the sake of writing itself – this will certainly change my story I’m sure 😉


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